About the company

Devoss Media is a film production company, found in kampala Uganda, with the most social acting family, we have actors and actresses,  we have the best crew from writers,directors,producers,cinematographer,photographers and drone pilots, at devoss media we also do commercial photoshoots,graphics /website designing and video coverage, joining us is 100%free no registration/ membership charges, because this is a family that gives opportunity to everyone. 

join us today and become part of the most professional and loving acting family, 

the vision

our core values and objectives

The main objectives we have at devoss media are as follow, and for any anyone for as long as you can comply with them you can simply be part of us.

  • We aim at developing talents of young actors and actresses, we believe there are many young talents that are not yet discovered
  • We aim at giving opportunities to actors and actresses who have been denied the opportunity to express their talent simply because they don’t have enough cash for membership or registration in some acting groups.
  • We look forward to doing the best and professional movies for both the local and international market standards. With only our registered actors and crew.
  • We want to teach our members both camera work and editing such that we can have a big team in the crew for simplifying the work in field more especially when we are filming our own movies.
  • We aim at branding all our actors for as long as you are a member of devoss media, we shall brand and publish you for the sake of family, so we want to make all our actors recognizable as stars in Uganda.
  • We want to produce the best story telling movies that will inspire and motivate our viewer to something positive, like encouragement and regaining self confidence.
  • We want to be the biggest film company in Uganda recognized by the whole world. And we want all our actors to be known world wide.
  • We aim at producing the best cinematographers and movie editors to uplift the Ugandan film industry.
  • We aim also at recommending our actors to act in big professional projects including our side Uganda, as devoss media we shall try to link our actors to big producers and casting directors.

Connect with our team

Shafiq Devoss


shafiq devoss was born in kampala, uganda, he studied photography and currently working for a company called paramount images inc operated, he is a photographer in devoss media company, he is an active actor in mn films africa. he was born from a ugandan dad and an Egyptian mom.

Jude Kabagambe


dr Jude Kabagambe is a Ugandan psychiatrist, and film actor, he is the executive producer and consult at Devoss Media

Moses Devoss


Moses devoss is a Ugandan film actor/director/writer and musician, he is the founder of Devoss Media.

joel Devoss

marketing Director/lighting

Ssemwanga juma is a ugandan film actor and marketer at devos media,

Jamal Devoss

casting director/drone pilot

Jamal Devoss is a Ugandan cinematographer and actor at devoss media, he is a drone pilot.

Norman Berry


Norman is an American actor based in Ohio

Makubuya Edwards


Edward is a cinematographer/director and editor/ he is one of the executive menbers of film report. he is the CEO of we shoot photography

Ismahan Mahad Ali


Ugandan actress

Tarine Madrine Nakaaya


ugandan actress

chosen Devoss


actress and script superviser

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